Our Story


We are Adela & Marwa – two shopping enthusiast who fell in love with the enchanting city of Barcelona.

I am Adela and I learned the art of everything hand-made from my mother who was a dressmaker in central Spain. I started designing my own clothes when I was 14. After graduating in tech at university, I moved to UK where I was drawn into jewelry and silversmithing.

I am Marwa and I have a passion for the stories behind everything. After moving to Barcelona from London, I was fascinated by the history and the secrets behind its little alleyways. Speaking to the locals everyday, I continuously uncovered the layers and layers of history behind the old city.

We met in the UK long time ago and we both moved to Barcelona after over a decade in the corporate world. Our combined passions of the hand-made, locally produced philosophy and the stories behind these unique stores and designers are what planted the seed to what Wandermoda is today.

We both wanted to support the local talent and art scene so decided to join forces to achieve our Mission :

• To connect visitors to Barcelona with local designers and their unique pieces,
• To give local designers a platform to showcase their work
• To make sure that people enjoy, have fun and can bring home great stories and memories of their holidays in this fabulous city!

We look forward to sharing and experiencing with you a part of this beautiful city!


Adela & Marwa